18.2 Us Generally

November 28, 2008

Creating a Secure CHURCH
PART 5 : Concluding Thoughts

Chapter 18 : What Sort of Church?

18.2 And Us Generally?

And so as we move further into the twenty-first century, how will we go?

In our churches,

  • Will we worry about minutiae of doctrine, purity of practice, exclusion of the ungodly,  and denouncing of those with whom we appear to disagree?


  • Will we create a powerful community of loving, caring and accepting people, who know what they believe but can tolerate and love those with slightly varying viewpoints, who are secure enough in themselves to love those who are clearly different from them?

In our churches

  • Will we be inward looking, concerned only for ourselves, our worship, our prayer meetings, our Bible Studies?


  • Will we be secure and filled with the love of God, looking out to share the love of God with all who will receive it, whatever they look like, whatever they sound like?

  • Will we continue with a form of religion that so often pretends, that so often ignores the needs that are there, that so often maintains a structure without a heart?


  • Will we work to create a community where people are able to be themselves, able to be real, able to acknowledge their concerns, knowing they will still be loved and accepted, so that the love of Jesus can reach them and bring transformation, and where grace abounds?

In our churches,

  • Will we maintain a superficiality, a look-good environment that looks good on the outside but is worried, anxious and upset on the inside?


  • Will we become a community of truth where ‘what you see is what you get’, where joy and sorrow co-exist alongside each other and truth abounds because people know it is acceptable because grace is there to meet it when truth creates embarrassment or upset?

These are some of the key questions that face the church in the West in the early years of the new millennium. Can we become a secure church?